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**Join Us for a Voices for Pension Security Town Hall on Wednesday, May 2 at 6:30 p.m. (CST)**
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Voices for Pension Security

Like many of our nation’s multiemployer pension funds, the Central States Pension Fund has become severely underfunded and is in critical and declining status. Without Congressional action, Central States will run out of money and be unable to pay pension benefits by 2025 or sooner.

To address the issues facing Central States, and more than 100 other funds nationwide, Congress, in February, established the Joint Select Committee on Solvency of Multiemployer Pension Plans. The Committee, which is made up of an equal number of House Members and Senators from both political parties, has been charged with producing bipartisan legislation to solve these issues by November 30, 2018.

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This is truly the best and perhaps last chance to find a solution to the multiemployer pension crisis. Your voice and your help are vital for success.

For background on how we got here and why a solution is so badly needed, visit the Pension Crisis page.

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Take Action

There are several ways you can make your voice heard loud and clear by Members of Congress. Visit the Take Action page for more information. 

  • Phone calls to your U.S. House Representative and U.S. Senators
  • Face-to-face meetings with your Members of Congress when they are home during Congressional recesses
  • Send an email or write a personal letter to share your story

Voices for Pension Security Town Hall May 2

Please join us for an important informational webinar and tele-town hall on Wednesday, May 2 at 6:30 p.m. (CST) to learn more about the Congressional outreach campaign, and how you can make your voice be heard and help save the Central States Pension Fund. Participants will also be able to take part in a live question-and-answer session. To join the town hall on May 2: 

  1. WATCH the video presentation from your computer or mobile device by returning to this web page
  2. LISTEN to the presentation from your home or mobile phone by dialing (877) 229-8493, code 114828

The Joint Select Committee

The Joint Select Committee has 16 members appointed by Congressional Leadership – composed of equal numbers of House and Senate members from each political party. The eight Senators and eight Representatives are: 


Orrin Hatch                 (R-UT)                                    Sherrod Brown          (D-OH)          

Lamar Alexander        (R-TN)                                    Joe Manchin              (D-WV)          

Rob Portman               (R-OH)                                   Heidi Heitkamp          (D-ND)          

Mike Crapo                 (R-ID)                                     Tina Smith                   (D-MN)          


Virginia Foxx               (R-NC 5th District)                  Richard Neal              (D-MA 1st District)    

Vern Buchanan           (R-FL 16th District)                 Bobby Scott                (D-VA 3rd District)    

Phil Roe                       (R-TN 1st District)                   Donald Norcross        (D-NJ 1st District)     

Dave Schweikert         (R-AZ 6th District)                  Debbie Dingell           (D-MI 12th District)   

The report of the Joint Select Committee and proposed legislative language will need to be approved by both a majority of the Republican-appointed Committee members and a majority of the Democratic-appointed Committee members – or else no legislation will be put to a vote by Congress.

If at least five members from each party agree on a compromise, that legislation will be guaranteed an expedited vote on the Senate floor with no amendments. The Committee will be required to hold at least five public meetings, including the option of field hearings outside of D.C. to hear directly from retirees, workers and businesses affected by the pension crisis.

Make Your Voice Heard

This is the time for action. But, as we’ve all learned, action is only possible if Members of Congress are hearing from their constituents, who will hold them accountable. 

Even if you’ve weighed in previously, it is important for all Central States participants to contact your elected officials and share with them the hardship that losing your pension will cause. They need to hear your personal stories.

Although Central States will do everything in our power to fight for a legislative solution, it will take the voices of our 400,000 participants - combined with the voices of participants in other funds throughout the country - to get the attention of Congress and The White House. Your voice will hopefully compel the Joint Select Committee to work together across the political divide towards a solution. 

Please register for updates from Central States and act now to protect your retirement security.

If you have questions about the Voices for Pension Security campaign, please log in and send us a message via the Message Center.