Central States Pension Fund

Plan Benefits

The Central States Pension Fund is a "defined benefit plan." Under a defined benefit plan, eligible participants receive a benefit at retirement. The benefit is calculated by a set formula, based on your contribution level, your age and your length of participation in the Fund.

To become a participant of the Pension Fund you need either 20 weeks or 75 days or 600 hours of employer contributions submitted to the Fund on your behalf in a 12-month period.

In general, once you have participated in the Pension Fund for five years you are a Vested Participant and have earned the right to receive a monthly benefit upon retirement at age 65. If you left the Fund before 1999 you need 10 years.

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The Plan has an exemption to the Restricted Reemployment for those retirees who are at least age 65 and meet two requirements.

To qualify for the post-age 65 exemption, if you are at least age 65 you must satisfy two conditions:

(1) You must have been retired and receiving a pension benefit for at least 12 months, and

(2) You must not have worked in any "Restricted Reemployment" for at least 12 consecutive months immediately preceding age 65 (or if retirement date is after 65, 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the retirement date). 

For more information, refer to the Restricted Reemployment Rules chart.



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