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Central States Pension Fund

Reemployment After Retirement

Certain types of reemployment after retirement are considered restricted. If you accept employment in violation of the Restricted Reemployment rules, your Retirement Benefits will be suspended until you stop working in Restricted Reemployment. Additionally, future benefits may be forfeited or reduced to reimburse the Plan for any benefits paid to you while you worked in Restricted Reemployment.

You may work an unlimited number of hours in any employment that is not Restricted Reemployment and has been approved by the Fund.

The Restricted Reemployment chart shows the maximum permissible hours of employment per month you may work without your benefits being suspended. Your benefits will be suspended if you work more hours than are indicated in the chart. If you limit your Restricted Reemployment to the number of hours allowed per month (according to the chart) you can continue to receive your monthly Retirement Benefit—provided the work does not fall into another Restricted Reemployment category. You may work an unlimited number of hours in any employment that is not Restricted Reemployment.

Because the Monthly Disability Benefit is paid only if you are totally and permanently disabled, if you are receiving a Monthly Disability Benefit and you accept any kind of work for wage or profit, your monthly benefits will be suspended.

We require that you promptly notify the Plan of any employment or self-employment after your retirement. So that unnecessary problems and future benefit suspensions or reductions can be avoided, we also ask that you notify the Plan of any future job you are considering accepting. If you would like the Fund to review any potential employment you are considering, please complete and submit the Reemployment Questionnaire. From time to time, we may contact you and ask you to provide information about your post-retirement employment. We may also check with the Social Security Administration or request income tax documents from you to verify the accuracy of the information you give us. Failure to provide the requested information will result in your benefits being temporarily suspended.

There is an exception once you reach age 65 and satisfy the requirements. You should contact the Fund to obtain the necessary information and approval if you think you meet the exception. Please refer to Special Bulletin 2009-3.

If your employment is in violation of the Restricted Reemployment rules, your monthly benefits will be suspended until the first day of the month after you quit working. When your benefits are reactivated, your benefit may then be temporarily suspended and/or reduced to reimburse the Plan for any benefit payments you were not entitled to receive.

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