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You are eligible for monthly Disability Benefits if you become totally and permanently disabled before your 62nd birthday and before you have three or more consecutive One-Year Breaks (if you have worked less than 10 weeks in one calendar year) and you have 10 or more years of credit as of the date you become disabled.

Generally, you are considered totally and permanently disabled if the Social Security Administration has determined that you are disabled.

The following information is only a summary. Full plan details and rules are available in your Summary Plan Description (SPD) (Forms and Documents).

Monthly Disability Payment
The amount of this benefit is determined by your age and your established benefit class — which is derived from how much your employer contributes on your behalf.

Benefit Class 18 or 18+
Age at Disability Amount
50 or younger $650
51 $700
52 $750
53 $800
54 $850
55 $900
56 $950
57 - 61 $1,000
62 or older none
Benefit Classes 17B and Under
Age at Disability Amount
Under age 62 $250
62 or older None

Monthly Disability Benefits begin on the first day of the 6th month following the month of your disability.

Because this benefit is paid only if you are totally and permanently disabled, you will be in restricted Reemployment and your monthly benefits will be suspended if you accept any kind of work.

Switching from Disability Benefits to your Retirement Benefits at Age 65
If you are receiving monthly Disability Benefits and are Vested, you can switch to your Retirement Benefits at age 65.

If, when you reach age 65, you decide to switch to Retirement Benefits, you and your spouse will also be asked if you want to have your Retirement Benefits paid with Joint and Surviving Spouse Options (JSO) coverage.

Recovering from a Disability

Please contact us if you recover or no longer qualify for the monthly disability benefit to determine if you are eligible to receive Retirement Benefits. Failing to inform the Fund about the end of a disability will result in the Fund pursuing any overpayment.

Death While Receiving Monthly Disability Benefits

If you pass away while receiving monthly Disability benefits and before age 65, your beneficiary will be entitled to choose between Survivor Benefits.

In addition, if your spouse passes away while you are receiving monthly Disability Benefits, you will be eligible to receive a one-time $500 Lump-Sum Spouse Death Benefit.

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