There are very specific rules regarding employment while receiving a pension. Always seek approval from the Fund before accepting a job.

Any employment that is not approved by the Fund may result in recovery of any overpaid Retirement Benefits.

There is an exception once you reach age 65 and satisfy the requirements. You should contact us to obtain the necessary information and approval if you think you meet the exception. Please refer to Special Bulletin 2009-3 .

Periodically, we will audit your work status by sending a Retiree Status Verification Form and we may request your earnings information from Social Security. It is your responsibility to return the form immediately.

For more information, download the Restricted Reemployment Rules  or Reemployment Questionnaire Form .

Length of Monthly Benefit Suspension

If your employment is in violation of the Restricted Reemployment Rules , your monthly benefits will be suspended until the first day of the month after you quit working. When your benefits are reactivated, your benefit may then be temporarily suspended and/or reduced to reimburse the Fund for any benefit payments you were not entitled to receive.